IVC, International Vitamin Corporation

What We Do


Dedicated Softgel Facility

Billions of softgels are produced annually at our Rx approved manufacturing and distribution facility in Irvington, New Jersey. Our highly tenured staff uses their knowledge and experience so you can offer best-in-class softgels to your customers.

High Volume Tablet Production

IVC operates facilities in California and New Jersey to produce tablets, caplets, chewables and two-piece capsules. These facilities are responsible for producing products for some of the largest and most reputable retail chains and nutritional name brands in America and throughout the world.


IVC develops, manufactures and packages a wide range of powders in the rapidly growing sports nutrition, weight management and functional foods markets.


From Pill to Package

We offer a wide variety of packaging components to make sure your product stands out. Just some of our packaging capabilities include bottling (HDPE & PET), neck banding, cap stickers, full body sleeves, stretch cards, blister packs, custom pallet design, custom PDQ design, twin packs, and sustainable options.


From East to West

IVC has invested in state-of-the-art distribution centers on both the east and west coasts. These DCs receive all of the packaged products and store them under the most rigid standards until they are ready to ship. The combination of accurate planning, reliable inventory control, and various shipment options ensures on-time delivery.